All stretch tents are from quality materials which are waterproof, fire retardant, UV protected, anti-bacterial and hold a two-year warrantee subject to terms and conditions.

Standard sizes in colours chino, platinum and white are the primary stockholding range whilst custom sizes, alternative colours and custom branding are manufactured locally on demand for the stretch tent sales category by the brand’s preferred stretch tent manufacturer.

Complete rigging services are offered together with after-sales service and outsourced repairs and maintenance options thus providing a holistic service collection to its clients.

Engineer certification can be arranged on request as an additional service.

Our stretch tent care instruction manual is supplied together with each stretch tent purchase.

We are currently based in Gauteng, but distribute across South Africa.

Two Ply Light

Customized sizes and colours can be manufactured on demand.

We offer a two ply light material which is a PVC coated water repellent finish and an antimicrobial treatment made from a Polyester/PVC composition.
The fabric is treated in a UV resistant chemical and a durable water repellent treatment which makes it 100% waterproof.

The fabric is the lightest fabric on the market which makes it easy to work with when erecting a tent and easy to clean and maintain.

The fabric has a two year warrantee.

Two Ply Heavy Duty

Customized sizes and colours can be manufactured on demand.

This heavy-duty fabric is a premium PVC coated stretch fabric designed for outdoor use.

This durable quality fabric offers a longer expected lifespan in the rental and semi-permanent structures. The fabric has a water repellent base which makes it 100% waterproof and easy to clean and maintain. With an excellent adhesion between the PVC coating and the base fabric, it allows the fabric to handle tension under the stress of the stretch without delimitation of the fabric. The fabric comes in the standard heavy duty two ply and a fire retardant and anti-fungal composition complying with international standards.

Custom Semi-Permanent

We offer custom designed stretch covers to your specification to cover almost any area you have in mind. We custom size, shape and design according to your specifications and requirements. Depending on the complexity of the structure, architects and engineers may be required to assist and ensure the structure is designed and erected with the highest safety and architectural standards.

Safety and Standards

We adhere to the highest work ethic and standards when it comes to safety, as our customers safety is our concern.

We recommend an engineer sign off upon installation for the safety of the client and us.

Our staff are well trained and experienced and do the required safety and rigging checks when erecting a tent for any occasion.